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UCLA Transportation supports the campus community by providing for safe and efficient access and mobility in an environmentally responsible manner.


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UCLA Transportation serves UCLA, designated as one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters, by providing sustainable transportation programs, commute options and parking services such as:




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UCLA Transportation produces an annual State of the Commute report with the results indicating continued progress by the University toward meeting its 2008 Climate Action Plan goal of achieving a 50% sustainable transportation commute rate through public transit, vanpool, carpool, bicycling and walking.

The UCLA Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) adopted goals, objectives, and recommendations in order to improve and encourage cycling around UCLA. The BMP Implementation Progress Report evaluates the goals and objectives based on performance measures adopted in the Plan. The Report also bears to light what recommendations have been implemented, revised and updated.

UCLA Transportation aims to reduce fleet greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by targeting vehicle type, vehicle fuel, and vehicle miles traveled. The campus operates a centralized fleet management system allowing it to aggressively pursue the turnover of Fleet inventory towards zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs), partial zero emissions vehicles (PZEVs), advanced technology partial zero emissions vehicles (ATPZEVs), and other alternative fueled vehicles (AFVs) that use biodiesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) and/or ethanol.


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UCLA Transportation’s Sustainable Transportation Plan operationalizes and extends the campus’ Climate Action Plan’s focus on reducing mobile source greenhouse gas emissions and improving campus livability. The Plan’s three goal areas of Commutes & Trips, Operations, and Civic Engagement aim to balance the sustainability values of economic benefit, social equity, and environmental health while attending to the core mission of the Department, which is to provide access and mobility to the campus community so that the University can pursue its mission of education and research.

The campus continues to reap benefits from UCLA Transportation’s substantial investment in smarter commute programs, including providing 50% subsidized transit passes, an award-winning vanpool program, discounted carpool parking permits, bicycling infrastructure and other commuter support services. Incentives offered help UCLA employees and students make sustainable transportation choices for both their commutes and intra-campus trips and, in doing so, reduce mobile source greenhouse gas emissions.

We are part of the Be Well component of UCLA’s Healthy Campus Initiative in which we collaborate with campus and community leaders to identify, plan, and implement best practices for active transportation (walking and bicycling).


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Bruin Commuter ServicesBruin Commuter Club

Bruin Commuter Services (BCS) provides programs and information to UCLA students, staff and faculty regarding sustainable commute options and parking services. BCS offers extensive commuter information and benefits for joining carpool, car sharing, vanpool, public transit, bike and walk programs through the Bruin Commuter Club. These programs and services support the campus community by providing a balanced and sustainable transportation approach to campus access and mobility in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. By embracing a low-car or car-free lifestyle, staff and faculty support UCLA's efforts to create a vibrant, sustainable and healthy campus. UCLA Transportation Bruin Commuter Services offers:

Fleet & TransitBruinBus

UCLA Fleet and Transit is comprised of two operating units: Fleet Services and Transit Operations.

Fleet Services provides total fleet management services for over 1,000 University-owned general purpose and specialty vehicles (including more than 250 fully equipped all-electric vehicles in use around the campus). Core services include:

Transit Operations operates the BruinBus Shuttle program, which provides mobility and reliable transportation to support the UCLA campus community. The current Transit Operations fleet, comprised of 14 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) transit buses, transports over 1.2 million passengers annually via fixed-route shuttles and contract services. Charter and driver services utilize these transit buses plus a fleet of coach buses, trolleys and vans to support special University events.

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Parking Services (PS) is a self-supporting entity that provides quality services and programs to the UCLA community, including: permit programs, parking attendant services, parking facility maintenance, and special event coordination. PS provides service based on careful management and maximization of our parking facilities (with an inventory of approximately 23,000 parking spaces), while producing net revenues to subsidize campus sustainable transportation programs. Effective and efficient services are delivered via a mix of self-service options (online applications and payment options, pay stations) and direct customer service (lobby cashiers and kiosk/gate attendants) to best meet the needs of a diverse campus community.


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2014 Outstanding Overall Rideshare Program

    2012 Outstanding Marketing Program

      2011 Corporate Diamond Award

        2009 Innovative Rideshare Program

        2013 UCLA Be a Smarter Commuter video (Silver)

          2013 UCLA Bike to Campus Week (Gold)



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