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UCLA Trip Planner

UCLA Trip Planner


Battling Los Angeles traffic every day can be challenging and costly. Instead of enduring a stressful commute by driving alone, consider alternative transportation such as carpooling, public transit, biking, or walking. UCLA's Trip Planner will help you determine your best routes to campus or find a carpool buddy from your area.  

At UCLA Transportation, we are here to provide options to ease your commute while saving you money and time. Work can be tough; your commute does not have to be!  



Accessing Your Trip Planner

UCLA Trip Planner Dashboard

Access to the UCLA Trip Planner is limited to university affiliates with a UCLA Logon and password.

If you are not a UCLA student or employee, please reference the additional trip planning resources in the related information section or contact

To plan your commute today, follow these steps:  

  • Visit the UCLA Trip Planner
  • Log in using your UCLA Logon  
  • Enter your commute starting point and destination (Note: Please be as specific as possible for the most accurate route information)  
  • Explore available commute options and determine which option works best for you.