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UCLA Transportation Honored with Higher Education Energy and Sustainability Award

Jimmy Tran receives award on behalf of UCLA Transportation at CHESC Conference in Santa Barbara

Electric scooters and ride-hailing services raced onto the scene at UCLA in 2018, and for efforts to manage these emerging transportation options, UCLA Transportation received a 2019 Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Award for Managing Campus Mobility on Demand at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC) held July 8-11 in Santa Barbara.

CHESC highlights cutting-edge research, operational programs and more. Organized by independent/private colleges, California Community Colleges, California State Universities and the University of California, the annual event is an opportunity for dialogue across institutions.

The Best Practice Awards recognize achievements that California campuses have made through innovative and effective energy efficiency projects and sustainable operations, showcase specific projects as models to be used by other campuses to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability goals and provide a compendium of successful projects that can be implemented at other campuses.

UCLA Transportation received the award for the three-pronged approach of education, engineering and enforcement to handle mobility on demand on campus grounds. Paving the way for these transportation services involved modifying the built environment to improve infrastructure, providing information on safe riding practices and local laws, and working side by side with mobility providers, Parking Enforcement and UCPD.

The programs and strategies to accommodate ride-hailing, micro-mobility and other emerging transportation innovations have helped to raise investments in reconfiguring roads, improving bicycle, pedestrian, rideshare infrastructure and transportation demand management as a whole.

UCLA Award for Managing Campus Mobility on Demand