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Transportation Service Advisory Board

Gateway Plaza

The Transportation Service Advisory Board (TSAB) was originally established in 1998, as part of the General Service Advisory Board, to provide campus departments which supplied services to the UCLA community with feedback and guidance from their service recipients, focusing on providing input on strategic direction, service quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of services.

In 2001, when other service advisory boards were disbanded, the TSAB was reconstituted to provide input to the Administrative Vice Chancellor on transportation-related matters, and its original charge remained: to “work collaboratively with service providers to ensure that the strategic direction and operational outcomes of service providers are appropriate in the context of the overall campus mission and vision, and that high quality services are provided efficiently and effectively.”

The TSAB participants have a closed meeting once each quarter to represent and discuss the interests of the broad campus constituency. For questions related to TSAB, please contact the UCLA Transportation Executive Assistant, Michelle Peralejo at

Please see below for the current fiscal year 2022-2023 roster of TSAB members and service providers.

Board Members

Phoebe Chiu
Facilities Commissioner, Undergraduate Students Association Council

Enrique Lopez Droguett
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tiffani Garnett
Student Health Education and Promotion, Associate Director, Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center

Jiaqi Ma
Associate Professor, Civil and Environment Engineering

Lauren Na
TSAB Chair FY 2022/23
Assistant Dean, College of Letter & Science – Office of the Deans

Graham Rossmore
Representative, Graduate Students Association

Jeffrey Van
Representative, Undergraduate Students Association Council

Barbara Wilson
Senior Director, Housing Operations, UCLA Housing & Hospitality Service - Rooms Division


UCLA Transportation

Lisa Koerbling
Interim Executive Director

Clinton Bench
Director, Fleet & Transit

Devron Carter
Interim Director, Commuter & Parking Services

Dave Karwaski
Director, Mobility Planning & Traffic Systems

Ray Manguso
Director, Commuter & Parking Services

Tirzah Nuno
Senior Project Analyst, Commuter & Parking Services Business Administration

Michelle Peralejo
Executive Assistant