Bruin ePermit System

OverviewBruin ePermit

UCLA Transportation is excited to be introducing the Bruin ePermit system over the next two years. As part of this transition, UCLA Transportation is currently piloting this virtual system in several UCLA Parking Structures.

The Bruin ePermit system works similar to a supermarket scanner with your license plate functioning as the barcode. When read, the numbers of your plate are automatically referenced against the parking database to verify a valid permit for the lot location.

Permit holders will still need to display their parking permit decal throughout the pilot process.


Registering Your VehicleLPR Enforcement 320x218

To register your vehicle, please click here and follow the steps below. If you cannot access the online system or are having difficulties with your UCLA Logon account, please contact Bruin Online Customer Support at (310) 825-8000 or email

  1. Click "Login" in the upper righthand corner
  2. Log in using your UCLA Logon
  3. Click on "Vehicles" from the top navigation bar and then the "Add Vehicle" button
  4. Enter your vehicle's information and click the "Next" button 



How does the bruin epermit system benefit me?Transportation Lobby 320x218

Moving to a virtual permit system offers numerous customer benefits such as:

  • Eliminating the need to display a hangtag or move hangtags from vehicle-to-vehicle.
  • The ability to purchase parking permits online.
  • Eliminating the need to come to the Transportation lobby to pick up parking permits.
  • Reducing paper, plastic, and resources used during permit production and distribution.



Parking Services

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