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Fleet & Transit Rates and Fees

Vehicle Class Details Hourly* Daily   Weekly Monthly
Carts (limited availability) 2-seat flatbed, 4 seats, or 6 seats $20 $98 $588 $2,058
Sedan (including EVs) 5 seats (including driver) $26 $129 $774 $2,709
Minivan 7 seats (including driver)
Large cargo space
$28 $137 $822 $2,877
Minivan Stow-N-Go 7 seats (including driver)
2nd & 3rd row seats fold flat
$28 $137 $822 $2,877
Full Size Passenger Van 8 or 10 seats (including driver) $30 $147 $882 $3,087
Cargo Van 2 seats (including driver)
Min. 225 cubic feet cargo capacity
$26 $129 $774 $2,709
Pickup Truck 4 seats (including driver) $27 $131 $786 $2,751

*Hourly rate applies to reservations that last less than 4 hours.

The Coordination Fee of 28% is applied to invoice totals for all external rentals (Enterprise, Midway, etc.)

Daily rental rate does not include fuel charges. Electric vehicles have no fuel charges.

Service Type


Driver Service*


Charter Transit Service (27-36 passenger bus with driver, 3hr. minimum) $136/hour

Bus Services Event Coordination Fee (Non-UCLA vehicles only)

25% per invoice

Service Cancellation Fee (If less than 24-hour notice is given)

3-hour minimum

Non-UCLA Service Cancellation Fee  See below**

*All university drivers hold commercial licenses (Class B) with passenger and air brakes endorsement. They are authorized to drive 35-foot transit buses, 40-foot coach buses, 30-foot trolley buses, passenger vans, and automobiles. You can be assured that all vehicles are in safe operating condition in accordance with CHP/DOT regulations.

**Non-UCLA cancellation fee varies by vendor ranging from a 5-hour minimum to 100% of the reservation fees.


Rental Cost

Monthly Value

Time Period

Year Round Plan



12 months (Fiscal year)

Academic Year Plan



9 months (Academic year)

Quarterly Plan



3 months (Fall, Winter, or Spring)

Monthly Plan



1 month (Fall, Winter or Spring)

Summer Special



Summer months

Services Rates

Labor Rates for Maintenance (Hourly)

$231 Light- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Parts Mark Up

Now included in hourly labor rate.

Maintenance Service Contracts (MSC)* (Monthly)

$230 Non-Battery Electric Vehicles

$140 Battery Electric Vehicles

Incident/Sublet Repair Fee

Now included in hourly labor rate.

Incident Reporting Fee

$230 per report

Fuel Mark-Up (On-Campus)

$1.39 per gallon

Fuel Mark-Up (Off-Campus)

38% per invoice

Admin./Management Fee (Monthly) 

$84 Vehicles

$58 Equipment/Non-Vehicles

$58 Vessels

BruinCar External Rental Coordination Fee

28% per invoice

Drug and Alcohol Testing Fee
(DOT Covered Commercial Drivers & Non-DOT Drivers)

$105 Alcohol Screening

$105 Drug Screening

Learn moreabout the requirement for all UCLA vehicles to have telematics through Fleet Services, and the benefits the campus receives from using telematics.

*MSCs are offered for any light-duty vehicles under 75 months old and automatically assigned to all light-duty vehicles purchased after October 1, 2020. Please note: Costs associated with misuse, abuse, neglect, and other compliance-related maintenance and repairs are not covered. All other vehicle maintenance is covered by the MSC.