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Why Walking & Biking Should Be Your New Year's Resolutions

Couple walking together outside wearing masks.

Most of the distressing last year was spent laying low. With better and brighter days coming, get a head start on 2021 by walking and biking. You can only sit on the couch so long during the extended Safer At Home order delving into the latest streaming services offerings. For real progress this year, set a goal to get outside and safely walk and bike.

Walk or Bike for Essential Trips

Responsible walking and biking—wearing a mask, keeping six feet or more of physical distance between yourself and others, and sticking with members of your immediate household—is a safe way to take necessary trips: to the supermarket, pharmacy, to pick up takeout, or for exercise. And, it's healthier than driving as long as you follow the proper public health guidelines. Getting in the habit of not hopping in the car when you set out is a resolution worth sticking to. 

Walk or Bike Around the Neighborhood

Explore the community you typically drive past every day and connect with your surroundings. Pay attention while you walk or bike: take in the local nature, discover nearby businesses, and wave to neighbors from a comfortable distance away. Hitting the streets on foot or by pedaling can also be quite relaxing. And with many of us still working from home or learning remotely, going out for some steps or cycling is a great way to stay fit and feel better when you're sitting most of the day. 

Walk or Bike for Health and Wellness

Follow a healthier, happier path this year by incorporating movement into your daily routine. Taking a walk or riding your bike outside, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the sunshine helps improve your physical and mental health. Regular cardiovascular exercise provides a boost to your mind and body: supporting the heart and lungs, making your muscles and bones stronger, strengthening the immune system, and generating those feel-good endorphins that lower stress and improve mood. You’ll even improve the quality and duration of your sleep!

Metro Bike Share, located across LA County in DTLA, Central LA, North Hollywood, and the Westside, has a promotion to help you ride into the new year: 30-day passes for just $1 this January. 

Walking and biking are good practices worth initiating. They provide personal benefits and help the environment by reducing pollution, clearing the skies for better tomorrows for everyone. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images