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UCLA paves the way for a better future with new campus sustainability plan

Electric bus and bicyclist on campus

Coinciding with Earth Day in April, UCLA released its blueprint of green initiatives for the campus. The UCLA Sustainability Plan charts the path for a better future, addressing sustainability across academics, engagement, and operations - including in the transportation sector. 

Among the range of initiatives covered in the new plan to advance environmental health, social equity, and economic vitality are specific goals for transportation. While already following directives in this area based on established University of California policies, the UCLA plan goes further with ambitious goals to accelerate climate action.

  • Achieve a carbon neutral campus fleet

UCLA will continue to supercharge its fleet, phasing out gas-powered transportation for zero-emission electric vehicles, putting the campus on track to eliminate or offset emissions from fleet operations in just the next few years. 

  • Reduce single-occupancy vehicle commuter rates

In support of eco-conscious commuting are first and last mile transit solutions, increased electric vehicle infrastructure, and formalized remote work policies. 

  • Enhance efforts to lessen the carbon impact of university air travel

A final aim is to refine the existing program set up to reduce the impact of greenhouse emissions resulting from UCLA business-related air travel.

Get the full story on the significant strides the university intends to make with this plan of action by visiting the UCLA Newsroom.