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No Trick, Just a Treat: The Benefits of Sustainable Transportation

BBB Halloween

Your commute to campus doesn’t have to be scary. L.A. traffic is already a nightmare! As we celebrate Halloween and creep to the conclusion of Sustainable Transportation Month at UCLA, sink your teeth into all the delightful (not frightful) benefits of walking, biking, taking transit, carpooling, and telecommuting. 

Emits less pollution

Transportation accounts for about 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in California, with personal vehicles releasing pollutants into the air every day. Passengers riding transit means fewer car drivers, lowering carbon dioxide emissions clogging our air. 

Transit agencies like LA Metro, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, and Culver CityBus have also rolled out zero-emission electric buses and trains, further helping clear the air.

Decreases congestion

When commuters choose to walk, ride a bike, take transit, carpool, or telecommute over driving by themselves, traffic naturally gets lighter for everyone on the road.

Saves money

Gas prices have been high lately, but sustainable transportation costs are always low. With UCLA's subsidized transit passes, discounted carpool permits, and bike programs, not only will the environment thank you for choosing a greener commute, your wallet will as well. 

Healthier lifestyle

From physical health benefits like boosting your immunity and strengthening bones and muscles to the mental health benefits like reducing stress and improving mood, skipping the solo car trip in favor of the sustainable option does a mind and body good. 

Biking allows you to incorporate beneficial exercise into your daily routine. And taking transit even helps you keep fit, with riders achieving close to 30 minutes of physical activity a day walking solely to and from their stop to their destination.

Car-free commutes are also easier on the environment!

Safer than driving

Public transportation is 10 times safer per mile than a car and makes communities safer.

Don’t let the end of Sustainable Transportation Month sneak up on you. Pledge online by October 31, to try ditching the drive for a more sustainable alternative for the final chance to be entered to win a prize like a Target gift card or UCLA Football tickets.

Photo credit: Santa Monica Big Blue Bus