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UCLA Partners with Lyft to Provide Flexible Transportation Options for Bruins

Ride-Hailing Pick-Up Zone

Lyft is now providing more transportation options for Bruins through the new UCLA x Lyft program. This enables schools and departments within UCLA to work with Lyft to set up transportation programs that support their university travel needs.

Examples of how departments can utilize Lyft for official business include:

  • Business travel direct billing
  • Campus visitor transportation
  • Patient or healthcare transportation to support research
  • Student campus and off-campus mobility enhancement programs
  • Event transportation

The program offers various options for booking and billing rides, including Lyft Pass where departments can fully or partially cover the cost of Lyft ride-hail, bike, and scooter rides for eligible riders.

More information about the program including how to enroll can be found on our UCLA x Lyft page