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Improve Your Commute by Carpooling to Campus

Carpool with Captain Commute in the backseat saying "Share the Drive!"

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October is Sustainable Transportation Month, and if you drive alone to campus, there's no better time to try a sustainable form of transportation such as carpooling. You'll spend less time in traffic by using the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, and save money by sharing the cost of gas and a discounted carpool permit.

But how do you join a carpool or form your own? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Use the UCLA Trip Planner to find other campus community members commuting from the same area.
  2. Discuss the UCLA Carpool Agreement with the other riders and come to an arrangement that works for everyone.
  3. Check your eligibility for a subsidized carpool permit:

         •  Student Carpool Permit Requirements

         •  Faculty and Staff Carpool Permit Requirements

Once you have your carpool and are ready to hit the road, remember your carpool etiquette to make sure everyone is treated respectfully. 

Ready to try carpooling? Then take our sustainable transportation pledge for the chance to win great prizes such as Target gift cards and UCLA Football tickets!

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