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How UCLA is Taking Steps to Reduce the Impact of Transportation on the Environment

Zero-emission vehicle

The theme of Earth Day 2021 is restoring our planet. Taking responsible steps to protect Earth can start with transportation choices. To move faster on climate change and improve public health Earth's citizens need to choose greener ways of getting around.  

Tailpipe emissions from vehicles are a threat to human and environmental health. In a year where so many dealt with a respiratory virus, curbing air pollution is critical. Here's how UCLA Transportation is accelerating climate action and how Bruins can go green too.

  • UCLA Transportation rolled out two new programs that can help graduate students lower their carbon footprint. Bruin Grad Pass provides fare-free unlimited rides on bus and rail lines throughout Los Angeles during the academic year. Graduate Student Bike Rentals offer complimentary bike rentals at University housing locations where graduate students reside.
  • The top-ranked university fleet by the NAFA Fleet Management Association and 2020 Green Fleet Award winner, UCLA vehicle operations keep getting greener. The University is on track to run a carbon-neutral fleet by 2025. 
  • Over 300 electric vehicle charging stations are available on campus, with more coming. Each EV that arrives on campus instead of an internal combustion vehicle results in over 9,000 fewer pounds of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere each year.
  • Recent roadway enhancements pave the way for improved pedestrian and bicycle safety in a highly trafficked section of campus. A new Los Angeles Department of Transportation study shows there’s an increase in walking and biking in improved safety areas.
  • Driving is one of the most polluting things we regularly do. Walking or riding a bike is the better way to go. Public transportation is also eco-friendly. With measures like enhanced cleaning, face coverings, and physical distancing, it is safe to get on board and, UCLA offers discounted passes for seven transit agencies. 

As faculty, staff, and students make plans to return to UCLA this fall, consider a greener way of arriving back in Westwood. Every Bruin can contribute to creating a more healthy, livable, sustainable campus.

Happy Earth Day!