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5 Tips for Keeping Carpools Safe

Passenger wearing face mask

Carpooling has always been a great commuting option that saves Bruins money and reduces their stress. Riders save time by using the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, and save money by sharing the cost of a discounted carpool permit and gas. Students even get priority parking when they apply and qualify for a carpool permit!

With Bruins returning to campus in the fall, carpoolers can keep themselves and other passengers safe when taking these precautions to limit exposure:

1. Limit Carpool Size

Carpools should be limited to no more than one person per row of seats, and passengers should sit diagonally from each other.

2. Limit Physical Contact

Riders should not have any physical contact with each other and should keep their distance from one another when entering and exiting the vehicle.

3. Wear a Mask

Protect yourself and others by wearing a face covering while riding in the vehicle.

4. No "Drop-In" Riders

Reduce exposure by riding with the same people each day and avoiding "drop-in" riders.

5. Clean and Disinfect

Wipe down car seats, door handles, and seat belts with disinfectant after every ride.

In addition to these, remember to practice everyday preventative measures such as staying home if you're sick and washing your hands regularly with soap and water. 

Visit our Carpool Planning Guide for more information about forming a carpool and permit requirements. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images