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Stay Well by Walking and Biking

Health benefits of walking and biking

Wellness check, Bruins: are you getting enough physical activity? If not, Sustainable Transportation Month is a great occasion to try switching a solo car trip for a walk or bike ride. Here's your final opportunity to pledge to try walking or biking – with a potential extra reward in there besides feeling better!

As we speed toward the conclusion of UCLA’s celebration of the greener ways to go, forget adjusting that car mirror and turn your focus to healthier commuting options.

Walking and biking are good for you – from your head right down to the soles of your shoes. Each activity provides the best of both worlds, offering physical benefits while also helping with emotional well-being.

Good For the Body

Flu season is about to start as we continue to ride out a pandemic. A preventative measure you can take to try and avoid getting sick is to exercise. Being active leads to strength in every way – including boosting immune function.

Consistent walking and biking can help improve your immune response, lowering illness risk and reducing inflammation. Because exercise increases blood and lymph flow as your muscles contract, it also increases the circulation of immune cells, making them roam the body at a higher rate and at higher numbers, boosting your body’s defense system.

Additionally, regular walking and biking support the heart and lungs, build better bones and muscles, help with weight management, and even improve sleep quality.  

Good For the Brain

Walking and biking do wonders for the mind. These types of transportation can improve negative moods, ward off depression, and improve self-esteem. Physical activity encourages the brain to release endorphins, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good.

Walking and biking can also help with stress relief and increase energy and stamina. It is not a stretch to note that exercise improves cognitive function as well.

It's time to get moving! Fill out the pledge form below for the last chance to win a prize, including gift cards from the UCLA Store, Alfred Coffee, Bluestone Lane, Primo’s Donuts, and other retailers.

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