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Help Reduce Air Pollution for Clean Air Day and Sustainable Transportation Month

Bus and cyclist on campus

It's time to help everyone breathe easier. 

California Clean Air Day on October 5th coincides with UCLA's Sustainable Transportation Month celebration  events centered on encouraging state residents and the Bruin community to take action to improve air quality. 

Transportation is the major contributor to pollution in the state, at nearly 50 percent, making replacing a drive-alone trip with an environmentally friendly alternative a significant way to clear the air. 

During October at UCLA, we're rewarding efforts to reduce vehicle emissions! Pledge to ditch the car and try walking, biking, carpooling, taking transit, or telecommuting for a chance to win a prize like a Visa or Target gift card, AMC Theatres gift package, and more.

The average passenger car emits about a pound of carbon dioxide per mile driven. For Bruins regularly commuting to campus, rethinking your ride can turn that negative impact around. As far as that carbon footprint goes, you'll tread a lot lighter by swapping out the car for sneakers, two wheels, or a bus pass.

Choosing to walk or bike, even for only a few trips, can reduce the carbon footprint of an average household by up to 1,000 pounds of emissions annually.

And taking public transit for even just a few trips can lower the carbon footprint of an average household by up to 3 tons of emissions annually. 

LA Metro can help you leave that polluting car parked for Clean Air Day. They're offering free rides on their bus, rail, and bike share systems on Oct. 5.

Dirty emissions from tailpipes have far-reaching consequences beyond polluting our air, contributing to climate change which can lead to severe drought and increased wildfires — issues California continues to battle.

So this October and perhaps beyond, do yourself and the environment a favor. Skip the car trip to spare the air. 

Photo credit: Santa Monica Big Blue Bus