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Yes, There Is a Way to Walk Correctly and Here's How

Woman Walking

Walking is something most of us never give a second thought to, but probably should. Using the proper technique can avoid body aches and joint pain, improve your balance, and help you walk with more energy. Here's how you can make walking more enjoyable with just a few adjustments.

Watch Your Posture

Avoid hunching over and concentrate on keeping your back straight by standing tall or lengthening your spine. This will prevent back aches and make it easier for you to breathe.

Keep Your Head and Eyes Up

Don't look at your feet which can put stress on your back and neck. Instead keep your gaze looking forward about 10 to 20 feet ahead of you with your chin parallel to the ground.

Shoulders Should Be Back, Down, and Relaxed

Move your shoulders up, back, and down so that they're relaxed. This will reduce strain and help your arms move more easily.

Suck In Your Stomach 

Engage your core muscles by slightly sucking in your stomach and tightening your ab muscles. This will help maintain your posture and balance.

Swing Your Arms From Your Shoulders

Swinging your arms can add a boost to your walk by helping your burn more calories. But make sure you swing from your shoulders and not your elbows, and don't swing across your body or any higher than your chest.

Step Smoothly

Your stride should be from heel to toe, not flat-footed or striking with your toes first. Stepping lightly and quietly helps prevent impacting your joints. You may also want to consider getting a pair of shoes with an amount of cushioning and arch support that's right for you. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images