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UCLA SafeRide and BruinAccess Are Going Electric

GreenPower EV Star

Picking up speed to address climate change and sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, UCLA Transportation has obtained a third GreenPower EV Star all-electric shuttle bus. The new zero-emission van will take UCLA SafeRide and BruinAccess riders' places without wearing down the environment.   

With the latest electric vehicle addition, over 300 of the 1,087 University-owned vehicles are now zero-emission, with 62% of the fleet running on clean fuel instead of sources that produce harmful pollutants. Electrifying UCLA's fleet and phasing out fossil fuels will save over 8,500 gallons of gasoline and an estimated 108.5 metric tons of CO2 this year alone. 

Weekday nighttime rides provided through UCLA SafeRide will get passengers where they need to be without worry and tailpipe emissions. This service offers reliable evening transportation between campus buildings, on-campus housing, and nearby residential areas, available at no charge.  

Alternatively fueled and wheelchair accessible, the new EV Star for BruinAccess comes with two ADA positions, providing a comfortable ride for passengers. Offered by UCLA Transportation for pre-qualified Bruins in partnership with the UCLA Center for Accessible Education and Employee Disability Management Services, the complimentary paratransit service provides curb-to-curb rides from most points within and near campus. 

During a typical academic year, UCLA SafeRide serves almost 24,000 passengers, with BruinAccess helping over 6,300 riders get where they need to be. Both services remain available and fully operational during the pandemic.  

UCLA SafeRide and BruinAccess cruising along more sustainably meet the transportation needs of the campus without compromising the health of the environment. Fuel-efficient vehicles help curb pollution and improve air quality, accelerating climate action at UCLA.