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Tips for Using Public Transportation on Vacation

San Francisco trolley car

From the cable cars up in San Francisco to the New York City subway, across the pond on the London Tube to Japan's speeding Bullet train, public transit is a way to see the sights as you travel this summer. 

Public transportation is a good option for exploring a new destination — and you'll save money! Most cities have a transit system available, so here are some tips for a better trip.

Get Yourself A Pass
Purchase a daily or weekly pass instead of individual tickets for unlimited trips. Many cities use ticketing apps, so before your vacation begins, see how the system works.
Map It Out

Use Google Maps or the Transit App to plan your routes and get real-time arrivals and other information. Brochures and maps are good to have on hand as well. 

Ask for Assistance
Hotel concierges, visitor and tourist centers, and station employees can provide directions. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Always Know the Name of Your Stop
Memorize where you need to get off to return to your accommodations.

Looking to expand your itinerary? The local buses or trains may connect you to further destinations, so see where else you can go without driving a car or flying.

Mass transit can get you to most must-see places while on vacation. And don't forget the must-do activities that are walkable or bikeable.