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Staying Physically and Mentally Fit During Safer at Home

Couple walking with bike

Keeping the mind and body active will help you get through the latest Safer at Home situation. Put a plan in motion to take care of your health and well-being.

Step Out or Start Pedaling

Bruins everywhere are finding themselves sitting more, doing school or work from home. Being in a prolonged seated position takes a toll on your body and mind. The pandemic has made life more sedentary. So it's time to get moving for your health. A recent study showed that just 11 minutes of moderate exercise — the equivalent of brisk walking or biking  helps offset some of the negative impacts of sitting for hours. The research showed 30-40 minutes was even better. Break up the movement during the day, or create a "fake commute" and start and end your day with a stroll or ride. You can also head out on foot or hop on the bike for that essential trip typically taken behind the wheel.

Exercise for the Mind

Physical activity like walking and biking will help keep your mind sharp by improving cognitive function, but there are plenty of other things to do to keep your brain stimulated. Pass the time with puzzles, play games, expand your vocabulary, or learn a new language. Get crafty, indulge your artistic side, or take up a new hobby that inspires you or makes you curious. Dive into a good read, crank up the music or listen to a podcast, take up cooking or baking  the activities are endless. An active brain is a healthy one!

Stay Connected

Humans are social creatures, and maintaining connections to others is important for mental health. The pandemic is emotionally challenging. Keeping in touch with friends and family can help make being physically apart less painful. Technology like FaceTime, Zoom, and WhatsApp makes it easy to connect virtually with loved ones, so use the tools available! Smartphones, computers, software, and apps allow you to interact with people face-to-face. Schedule video calls, do activities online with others like cooking and eating, host a virtual watch party, celebrate special occasions together, or join an online group or book club. Connect digitally with people over social media too. Staying in touch will make your day, as well as someone else's. Being socially connected is considered a fundamental human need, so Bruins, be there for each other!

Photo Credit: Getty Images