Nissan LEAF discount for Bruins extended through June 1st

Now through June 1, Nissan is offering UCLA staff, faculty, and students $8,500 cash back on a 2020 LEAF and LEAF PLUS and $7,500 cash back on a 2021 LEAF and LEAF PLUS.

 Why go electric? Consider these benefits:

  1. Easier and less expensive to run and maintain
  2. The perk of potential access to high-occupancy (HOV) lanes
  3. Safety improvements
  4. Better for the environment
  5. Health benefits from reduced exhaust emissions
  6. 226-mile range on a full charge 
  7. Eligible for a UCLA Clean Fuel Parking Permit 
  8. Electric vehicle charging stations available on campus and in Westwood 

Here's another bonus: the EVgo Fast Charging Network is also offering a $250 charging credit with the purchase or lease of a new Nissan LEAF.

Contact your local participating Nissan Dealer for complete details.