How to Safely Park Your Bike at UCLA

UCLA was recently designated by the League of American Bicyclists as a Gold Bicycle Friendly University, placing it in the top 15% of the national rankings. This important achievement recognizes UCLA’s commitment to promoting cycling as a sustainable commuting option and fostering a strong bike culture. One component of the award evaluates the campus’ bike parking supply and quality. As UCLA offers both short- and long-term parking options, here’s when to use each of them and how to do so safely.

Short-Term Bicycle Parking

  • Designed for those who move about the campus and are parked for two hours or less
  • Parking should be 50 feet or less from the entrance of the destination and be relatively easy to use
  • Types on campus include: inverted U, fence, and wave style racks
  • UCLA currently has over 3,500 short-term bike parking spaces and eight bike repair stands
  • To lock your bike, secure both wheels and the frame to the bike rack using a U-shaped lock, cable lock, or a combination of the two (see image below)
A diagram showing how to park your bike properly

Long-Term Bicycle Parking

  • Parking options address security concerns and weather conditions
  • Available for those parking for a period of several hours or longer, but turnover is still encouraged to accommodate other users
  • Includes smartcard-accessed bicycle lockers and hybrid smart bicycle racks that use an app to unlock
Bicycle Locker outside of Powell Library
Bicycle locker outside of Powell Library

For both short- and long-term parking, bike racks accommodate a variety of bicycles and attachments, and allow for the locking of a bike frame and at least one wheel. UCLA plans to increase the availability of bicycle parking spaces in areas that are most utilized, and make racks more secure and user friendly, as we commit to expand our bicycle parking options to best meet the needs of the campus community.