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4 Steps To A Cleaner Commute

Earth Day

While Southern California may be known for it’s beautiful beaches, amazing tourist attractions and famous homes, it is also known for having some of the biggest levels of traffic and smog in the country. In honor of Earth Day on April 22, here is a list of four easy things you can do to make our air that much cleaner:

1. Become aware of the pollution your daily commute actually causes

Did you know that on average, every vehicle spews about a pound of CO2 for every mile driven? To know where your vehicle/commute stands in comparison to the average pollution scale, accurately calculate your own carbon footprint. Also make sure to click here for tips on how to decrease your carbon footprint.

2. Get healthier by changing up your commute

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, skipping the drive to work just two days a week can cut two tons of pollutants a year— that’s about the equivalent of the weight of the car you drive! On your days off, try carpooling with your co-workers, take transit, or choose to get fit by riding a bike or walking!

3. Show off your contributions

Click here to register your own Act of Green. No matter how big or small, your efforts to help the environment are very important so let everyone know about them!

4. Go to an Earth Day event!

On April 19th, Grand Park in Los Angeles (near the Metro Civic Center/Grand Park station) will be hosting its annual Earth Day celebration! The event will be filled with workshops, food, a ton of healthy lifestyle vendors and plant giveaways!

For more amazing events in your area, check out the Earth Day Network.  

Image Credit: Getty Images