How to Return and Refuel Your BruinCar

All BruinCars must be refueled at the UCLA Fueling Station before return, regardless of distance driven.

Refuel Your BruinCar 

Customers are required to refill the fuel tank at the UCLA Fueling Station before returning the vehicle.The renting department may incur an administrative fee of $25 if the vehicle has not been refueled. The self-service UCLA Fueling Station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is located at Fleet Services (741 Charles E. Young Drive).

  1. Proceed to fueling station terminal. Display will read, “INSERT KEY, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.” Insert green plastic fuel key into keyhole next to terminal keypad. Turn key to the right.
  2. Display will read, “ENTER ODOMETER.” Enter current BruinCar odometer and press the enter key.
  3. Display will read, “SELECT PUMP.” Enter the number of the dispenser you wish to authorize fuel for and press the enter key. Turn fuel key to left and remove from terminal.
  4. Proceed to the pump, insert the dispenser into fuel tank, lift the dispenser holder and begin fueling.
  5. Return BruinCar to Parking Structure 8 by turning right out of fueling station, onto Charles E. Young Drive West, right on Strathmore Place and enter Parking Structure 8, level 2, via the ramp on Westwood Plaza. Use the gate key located on the driver’s door to enter.
  6. Park at your assigned parking stall in Parking Structure 8.

Return Your BruinCar 

  1. Before you return your vehicle:
    1. Refuel the vehicle at the UCLA Fueling Station, regardless of distance driven, at Fleet Services, 741 Charles E. Young Drive, according to the directions above
    2. Retrieve all of your belongings and trash from vehicle
    3. Obtain odometer reading for step 5
  2. Enter Parking Structure 8, into level 2, from Westwood Plaza via the ramp. Use the gate key located on the driver’s door to enter.
  3. Park in the stall number listed on your key tag.
  4. Proceed to the BruinCar key box. Wave keys over black HID box to unlock box.
  5. Enter your vehicle odometer reading on the keypad.
  6. Once the green light activates, immediately lift the lever and pull the door toward you. If you are returning a Voyager card, place the card into the card slot before inserting vehicle key. If you forget to insert your Voyager Card, please contact the BruinCar office at 310-825-2963, option 1.
  7. Insert the vehicle key into the slot to the left of the green light.
  8. IMPORTANT: Turn key to the right to initiate the vehicle return.
  9. Close key box door (make sure it clicks).