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UCLA Now Has a Marked Bike Lane All the Way Into the Heart of Campus!

Westwood and Strathmore intersection

It may be quieter around UCLA, but campus enhancements are under construction, paving the way for improved pedestrian and bicycle safety. In June, Westwood Plaza between Charles E. Young Drive South and Strathmore Place got an upgrade for better walking and biking.

The summertime striping and repaving completes the bike route connection into the campus by continuing the existing bike lane on Westwood Plaza up to Gateway Plaza. An added northbound bike lane connects the existing bike lane to Gateway Plaza. New shared lane markings on the southbound side will help guide bicyclists leaving campus.

Restriping was also done to the crosswalks to improve visibility and safety. Westwood Plaza's intersection is a busy one, used by Bruins and visitors to access parking structures, medical areas, and to head into the center of campus. Bicyclists ride through it, heading north into the campus, heading south leaving campus, and heading east using existing bike lanes to other parts of campus.

Coming soon are temporary curb extensions to enable better physical distancing for those waiting to cross. Providing more space for physical distancing has an extra benefit — cars will need to reduce their speed while turning at these locations, which helps improve pedestrian safety when crossing. The second phase of this project will begin in late August. 

Photo and Video Credit: PCI