Tips & Tricks for Telecommuting Right in COVID-19 Times

When the current public health emergency reduces your commute from one room at home to another, you may face difficulties navigating remote work. Here are some best practices to keep you productive, sane and connected with coworkers.

Give Me Space

A proper space is needed to get the job done. Experiment with different set-ups then pick one to be your dedicated workspace. You may need to invest in a more supportive chair, too. Ergonomics is still important!

Mind Trick

One must mentally shift from home to work mode, so shower and dress as if you were really heading into your work setting. That doesn’t mean ironing your suit, but it also doesn’t mean wearing a bathrobe. That wouldn’t look very professional on a Zoom call, now would it?

9 to 5

Have a schedule and stick to it! Establish clear office hours. Identify what needs to get accomplished each day and create accountability for yourself. Keep as regular a routine as possible to mimic the normal work environment. Your day-to-day operation needs to include taking a break and going outside to soak up some sunshine (vitamin D is crucial to staying healthy) and breathe in the fresh air that is a lot cleaner with fewer cars on the road.

Morning Buzz

Do you require caffeine to get going every morning? Satisfy that fix, not by heading out to Starbucks, but by purchasing your own coffee maker. There are lots of basic inexpensive options, or for the coffee connoisseur, buy a fancy machine, like a Nespresso.

High Fidelity

Get some quality earbuds or noise-canceling headphones, or maybe even a headset. These not only help during those audio and video conferences with your team, but they can also help muzzle distractions and allow you to concentrate better.

Telephone Game

Keep the lines of communication open. The Microsoft Teams chat module is great for this. You can even send emojis and GIFs along with text messages on the platform. Communicating regularly helps you feel less isolated, allowing you to stay connected to the office mates you miss chatting with by the water cooler. Remember to also be visible by sharing your efforts with others.

Cloud Cover

Utilize the cloud, like UCLA Box, to upload and store important documents. One last positive point: working from home actually saves time (goodbye, commute) and money!

Image Credit: Kera Till