There's no more commuting drama in the LBC

Althea Nelson next to a Long Beach Transit bus

There's no more commuting drama from the Long Beach area to UCLA since direct commuter service arrived on campus.

Hear the word on the street from these happy Long Beach Transit riders who include UCLA Health and UCLA Athletics staff, a U.S. History professor and an undergraduate student.

After two decades of working for the University, and trying all different types of commutes, Althea Nelson found the perfect ride.

Trevor Griffey teaches courses about the workplace and is pleased with the newest public transit benefit offered by UCLA.

UCLA Athletics' Andrew Abarca said, "I get on and basically just sleep or listen to podcasts or music. I'm saving money on gas and not stressing. The convenience has been really beneficial for me."

"Long Beach Transit has allowed me to commute to UCLA without it being a massive headache," said student Vicente Velasquez. "I saw this bus appear and ever since then I now feel like I can do well at UCLA and not have to worry about getting back home."

Take a seat alongside these happy Long Beach commuters and start riding now.