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Get Out There This Summer On a Bike

Bike path at Santa Monica State Beach

Instantly activate vacation mode, even if you are still in town working away or taking a summer session class at UCLA, with some two-wheeled travel. With plenty of beach spots (plus adjacent bike paths) and other SoCal scenery, pleasant weather, and alternative transportation accessible things to see and do around every corner of the city, cycling is an ideal summer activity in sunny L.A. 

Whether you arrive fueled by personal pedal power, get a boost from an e-bike, or add in a ride on the bus or rail for longer distances, biking is the best way to go this summer.

Go Outside

That much-needed daily dose of vitamin D, which supports total body wellness, can be supplemented with a bike ride. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the wind in your hair and sunshine on your face. Research repeatedly shows being outdoors is good for you: improving happiness and alleviating depression and anxiety, in addition to other physical health benefits. 

Skip Traffic and Parking

With tourists added to the mix, L.A. streets are even more crowded, and gas prices typically rise as the temperatures do during this time. Forgo any pain at the pump or aggravating traffic by arriving by bike. If you've got a lot of miles to cover, take public transportation part of the trip. Like biking, transit is an affordable and environmentally friendly option to arrive at all the summer hot spots. And wave goodbye to the hassle of parking at all the popular destinations!

No Bike, No Problem

Don't own a set of two wheels? Borrow some! Metro Bike Share, with stations on campus, in Westwood Village, and a fleet of available-to-rent bikes spread out across other neighborhoods in L.A., is a convenient, affordable, and super enjoyable way to get around this summer.

Practice Riding for the Fall

Riding a bicycle is a fun, healthy, and inexpensive way to arrive at and navigate UCLA. With discounted daily parking available, you can bike commute and drive in as needed — at a much lower cost to yourself and the planet.