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Students, Start the New Year with a New Job at UCLA Transportation

Student employee with sign

Bruins, here's a resolution for 2023 — land a job with the transportation department!

The new year is a perfect time to focus on positive changes in your life. And moving in the right direction can start by becoming a student employee at UCLA Transportation, which comes with benefits including a flexible schedule, different positions to choose from, a chance to gain valuable professional experience and make connections, plus a nice paycheck.

January is actually one of the best times to seek out work. We're past the holiday season and winter break, and things are picking up again. You're beginning a new year full of promise, feeling refreshed and ready to focus. Securing a great job opportunity is an action that fits nicely with other New Year's Resolutions.

Trying to save money? Our student positions come up with excellent pay, starting at $17.00 per hour.

Want to make new friends at UCLA? A campus job is ideal for this. Our large supportive student team is full of nice Bruins! Working at UCLA also keeps you close to campus and your classes and extracurriculars — instead of heading off somewhere else for work. 

And did you know that several studies show working part-time in college can benefit students by increasing good habits (like mastering time management) and raising academic performance? Research has also revealed that students who work in college have higher earnings later in their careers. Talk about a personal growth resolution for 2023 and the future! 

What are you waiting for? Learn more and apply today.