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How You Can Build Community by Biking

Group of people on a bike ride

You probably know that biking has many health and wellness benefits and is also great for the environment. But did you know that biking can also help you build community? When you're riding your bike, you're seeing people in your neighborhood and more likely to meet them. And when you ride with others, you're bonding over a shared activity that can develop into deeper relationships. Here are some ways you can build your community by finding others who are also interested in biking. 

Join a Group Ride

Group rides meet up at regular times each week and are a great way to learn from others if you're a beginner. Find a group ride in the LA area with this calendar and be sure to follow these rules of the road

Visit a Local Bike Shop

Bike shops don't just sell bikes and parts, they're also very knowledgeable about bike groups or clubs in your area. Some of them may also host rides and bicycling events.

Join a Bike Coalition

Bike coalitions advocate for projects that make the cities they're located in safer for bicycling. A membership fee is required but comes with perks such as bike shop discounts and invitations to rides and events. The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition hosts an annual open house for members and has several chapters across LA

Use an App

If you use an app to plan or track your ride, you may also be able to meet others who are riding in your area. One such app is Komoot where you can use its Discover feed to see rides that have been made public. Like and comment on the rides, follow other users, and even invite them to join you on a ride that you're planning.