How to Stay Healthy This Fall

Here’s an easy autumn wellness tip — walk or bike instead of driving to your destination. Stay healthy and happy by getting moving this fall.

Smell the pumpkin spice? The season is changing, and your transportation routine should too. As we head into cold and flu season, ward off germs and be well by staying active. The flu vaccine can help protect your health, and so can physical activity.

It’s important to move throughout the day. Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic activity every week. Get out from behind the wheel — and stuck in traffic — and choose a walk or bike ride instead. A 2018 survey by the Federal Highway Administration found that 35% of vehicle trips are under two miles — trips you could do on two feet or two wheels.

The fall and Sustainable Transportation Month are the perfect time to transition to a different ride. If change is hard, start by switching a car trip for a walk or bike ride just once or twice a week. If your trip is too far to walk or bike, try combining it with public transportation — all three are healthier and less stressful options than driving. Public transportation is also 10 times safer per mile than traveling by automobile.

As you begin to feel physically and mentally better, you might be ready to commit to a more permanent alternative mode of transportation. These are just some of the health benefits of walking and biking.

Supports the Heart & Lungs
The aerobic exercise gives your heart and lungs a good workout that helps these vital organs function more efficiently.

Builds Better Bones & Muscles
Your muscles and bones are living tissue that respond to exercise by becoming stronger.

Strengthens Immunity
Exercise boosts immune function. Walking and biking help activate several different types of immune cells.

Better Cognitive Function
Walking and biking improve cognition for two reasons: the exercise increases oxygen flow into the brain, which reduces brain-bound free radicals that cause damage. There is good evidence exercise behaves like medicine to boost brainpower.

Lowers Stress & Improves Mood
Walking and biking are ideal for positive mental health. Being active boosts feel-good endorphins, and walking and biking are proven tension busters.

Sleep Better at Night
Walking and biking are terrific sleep aids, improving quality and duration of sleep. The exercise boosts the effect of natural sleep hormones such as melatonin.

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Let's all finish the last few months of this year stronger and more sustainably.