The Fun, Easy Way to Get Healthy

What's fun and good for you? Biking!

Riding a bike is an enjoyable, easy way to stay in shape. You'll have so much fun it won't feel like working out. 

Regular bike riding improves your physical health and emotional well-being. Whether your goal is having more fun or improving your fitness, pedaling will do the job. 

The Road to Happiness

A pleasant activity like bike riding boosts your mood the same way all physical exercise makes you happy by influencing the release and uptake of chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. It also decreases levels of cortisol, which are stress hormones in the body.

Besides being a proven mood-enhancer and stress buster, here are some other reasons biking is so much fun:

  • You can ride outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air.
  • It's a great social activity to do with friends, family, and other Bruins.
  • You can rediscover your community and explore new places.
  • It can be done practically anywhere and anytime, at any fitness level.

This is a fun, physical activity that will positively impact your overall state of mind.

A Fitter Path Ahead

Biking is a great aerobic exercise. A cardiovascular workout like biking benefits the brain, heart, lungs, muscles, and skeleton.

Consistent biking can burn calories and strengthen your lower body, including your legs, hips, and glutes. As a low-impact, non-weight bearing exercise, it is actually easier on your legs, ankles, knees, and feet than running.

Biking is the kind of workout you'll look forward to and not dread. To make it a challenging workout, add resistance and speed to your ride. 

As we roll towards the conclusion of Bike Month and head into summertime, consider making biking part of your lifestyle, be it for leisure, recreation, or commuting to campus. You'll have fun and feel good, guaranteed.

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