Is an Electric Bicycle Right for You?

Woman riding an electric bicycle

Electric bicycles or e-bikes have gained in popularity as technology has improved, offering faster speeds than a regular bike and a boost when you're climbing up hills or just need a rest. But how do you know if an e-bike is right for you? Here are some factors to take into consideration.

Go Faster and Further

If you feel the need for speed, an e-bike can help you get up to 28 mph depending on the class of bike. You may also be able ride for up to 100 pedal-assisted miles, perfect for those long scenic rides that you may not have considered with a regular bike.

Health Benefits

Having an e-bike may get you riding more, as owners of an electric bike are twice as likely to ride than owners of a regular bike! It also helps anyone who has trouble riding bikes such as those who suffer with asthma or knee pain, providing a great way to get some exercise at your own pace.

Environmental Concerns

Because e-bikes require charging, they are not as sustainable as regular bikes. However, if you replace some driving trips such as your commute by using an e-bike, you'll definitely reduce your carbon footprint. 

Cost of an E-Bike

Compared to regular bikes, electric bicycles are more expensive as they typically start out at $1,000. However if you are using it in place of a car, even for some trips, the savings in gas and maintenance can add up.

Ready to take the plunge and get an e-bike? This guide will help you find an electric bicycle that meets your needs. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images