DIY bike hacks and modifications

For many of us our bicycles reflect a little bit or a lot of ourselves. Whether it’s the color, model or even the little touches we put on it, our bikes are personal. Here are some interesting tips and modifications to use when you want to take your bike to the next level!

A bike hack example of adding a banana seat to create room for two


Room for two

For those with an existing rack on the back of your bike can easily fasten a banana seat to the back and create an additional seat. Tip: Make sure the rack AND bike can hold the weight of the added person.



Combining a Light Switch and Phone Cover to make a Bike Phone Mount


The cheap quick phone mount

Want a phone mount but don’t want to dish over the cash? Use a light switch cover, an old phone case and some Velcro! Now you can go hands-free when trying to use your GPS or when tracking your rides.



A Bike Modified with the Reel Elastic Bike Storage System

Creating extra storage

Using Reel Elastic Bike Storage System, you can turn the extra triangle space within your frame into secured storage instead of lugging around a backpack everywhere you go.





A bike glowing in the dark for night-time riding

Night rides

For those that do a significant amount of commuting at night, try turning your bike into a Night Bike. Have your bike glowing within a matter of days!





Affordable Bike Repair Stand made from PVC Piping

At home repair stand

Build an at-home repair stand to use for cleaning, maintaining and storing your bike with PVC piping. This hack cost the creator less than $35 dollars in parts.





A Bike Wheel with a hub motor to create a DIY E-Bike

Go electric

For the ultimate DIY hack try turning your bike into an E-bike! Micha Toll will have you sitting on your new E-bike within hours.

If you have a bike hack, share it! We are always looking for ways to improve our whips.


Photo Credit: Getty Images