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Celebrate Dump the Pump Day!

BBB riders

June 15 is Dump the Pump Day — an annual observance recognized nationwide aiming to encourage people to ride public transportation instead of choosing a car. Why pay for gas when you can sit back, relax, save money, and help the environment simply by dumping the pump? 

Breaking up with driving isn't hard to do with so many benefits associated with public transportation. Every ride makes a difference, saving money, cutting back on gas consumption and tailpipe pollution, plus it helps individuals and communities thrive.

Check out these quick facts from the American Public Transit Association (APTA): 

The average annual savings is over $10,000 for an individual who switches their daily commute from driving to taking public transportation. And at UCLA, faculty, staff, and students can take advantage of discounted passes for seven different local and commuter transit agencies. 

In the U.S., public transportation saves 37 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. It also saves the U.S. 6 billion gallons of gasoline annually. 

Dumping the pump isn't just good for the environment and improving air quality  it also helps people and neighborhoods.

Traveling by public transportation is 10 times safer per mile than traveling by automobile. Public transit can help you keep fit, too, increasing daily steps and physical activity, walking to and from stops and final destinations.

As a passenger, you can now chill out on your commute, leaving the driving to a professional operator and no parking worries.

Fewer cars on the road and more people riding the bus also means less traffic congestion. 

Mass transit translates to employment opportunities and economic productivity as well. 

Economists calculate that for every $1 billion invested in public transportation, 50,000 jobs are supported. ​Every $1 invested in public transportation generates $5 in economic returns.

What are you waiting for? Celebrate Dump the Pump today and hop on the bus, light rail, subway, or train! And be sure to purchase your UCLA summer transit pass to ride car-free and carefree all season.

Image Credit: Santa Monica Big Blue Bus