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Celebrate Clean Air Day on October 6

Clean Air

Everyone breathes easier when you leave the car at home.

Take part in Clean Air Day and pledge to walk, ride a bike, share the ride, or take transit during Sustainable Transportation Month for a chance to win a gift card from ASUCLA, Alfred Coffee, Bluestone Lane, Primo's Donuts, and other retailers!

California Clean Air Day, a project of the Coalition for Clean Air, is a statewide effort to encourage individuals and communities, like Bruins at UCLA, to take action to clear the air.

Transportation is the single biggest source of air pollution in California. Reducing vehicle emissions goes a long way in clearing up skies across the Golden state. 

Riding a bicycle produces zero percent of the emissions emitted compared to driving a single passenger vehicle. Carpooling or vanpooling reduces traffic congestion while also helping to clear the air. Going electric cuts back on tailpipe emissions too. 

Riding the bus or train also reduces your carbon footprint. For example, if your commute is 20-miles round trip, the switch to public transportation could lower your carbon footprint by 4,800 pounds annually.

Greenhouse gas emissions have far-reaching health and environmental effects, causing climate change which can lead to severe drought and increased wildfires. 

Join other Californians and fellow Bruins and skip that trip behind the wheel of a gas guzzler and improve air quality. LA Metro can help! All Metro bikes, buses, and trains are free for the day. Protect the environment and save yourself from stress and car-related expenses with affordable, efficient, and healthier alternatives to driving alone. Every less car trip helps spare the air. 

Everyone is affected by air pollution, but together we can make a difference. 

Pledge & Win