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Biking is an Easy, Breezy Commute for this Bruin

Student cyclist Aerin

From the streets of their small hometown in South Dakota to the bustling roadways in metropolitan Los Angeles, second-year student Aerin Geary, a Public Health major, goes by bike. This Bruin is moving so swiftly at UCLA that they’re already at a junior class level.

Aerin explains L.A. traffic is not their speed, so bike commuting is the better option. 

When Aerin first arrived at UCLA and lived in the residential halls, they had a folding bike that fit nicely in the closet and was super convenient for getting around campus.

“Biking keeps the journey to class interesting and short, and you can easily ride into Westwood Village and beyond,” said Aerin.

Now a resident of the University Cooperative Housing Association, a student-owned and run housing group off campus, Aerin is a full-fledged two-wheeling commuter student, using the bike all the time to get to class and their on-campus job.

“My favorite part of biking is seeing the speedometer on my bike go up in the tunnel under Parking Structure 8. The huge hill getting back to the co-op is a challenge, and I'm proud I can make it without walking the bike anymore,” said Aerin.

Bike commuting also offers this undergraduate a special perk: by quickening their trips to campus, Aerin gets to sleep in more in the morning!

In addition to the fitness benefits — “I definitely know my legs have gotten stronger with all the biking up hills, and it keeps me moving even when I don't have time to go to the gym,” Aerin added — is also feeling free.

“Nothing can beat the exhilaration you feel cruising down a hill or gliding around making your own breeze. It's great for the mental health!”

But the bike isn’t just for commuting – it’s for fun, too.

There's a bike path that goes along essentially the entirety of the LA County shoreline, right in the sand, and there are other bike-friendly places, like Culver City, to explore. I found my favorite shop in the city because of my bike,” said Aerin.

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