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Biking Is the Affordable Way to Go For UCLA Transportation's Emily Han

UCLA Transportation's Emily Han

As UCLA 's Active Transportation Planner, Emily Han's job is to make biking better for Bruins. From expanding biking options on campus such as Metro Bike Share, to forming a community of Bruin bikers on the Love to Ride platform, she's making it easier for bicyclists to ride at UCLA and connect with each other.  

It shouldn't be a surprise then that she's an avid biker, commuting to campus by bike from South LA. She cycles through Exposition and Jefferson Blvds. to Palms, and then gets on the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Rapid 12 for the rest of her trek.   

"It’s a really nice way to start the day just moving on my bike," says Emily, "and I get to enjoy the beautiful weather in LA."  

By not driving everywhere, she doesn't have to deal with sitting in rush hour traffic or having to find parking. And it also helps her cut costs. 

"I save money by reducing the wear and tear on my car, not spending money on gas, not spending money on parking, so every little bit adds up," says Emily.

Those savings help when she bikes to one of her favorite places, Downtown LA, to eat at a restaurant or attend a concert. She might even run into a friend on the way there, which is another benefit of biking she enjoys.

"The amount of times I’ve bumped into friends along the way, you really don’t get that in your car."