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All Aboard: Taking Your Bike on Public Transit

Bike on a bus rack

Riding public transit and biking are healthy and sustainable ways to move this month, but they don't have to be mutually exclusive! Combining the two options can greatly expand your travel range and cut down on total travel time. Transit agencies often encourage bringing your bike onboard to explore your destination. The guidance will vary between agencies and whether you're loading your bike on a bus or bringing it onboard a train, but knowing the following basic tips will help to ensure a smooth riding experience.

Bringing Your Bike Onto A Bus

  1. Remove any loose items or bags from your bike to take with you onto the bus.
  2. Wait for the bus to fully stop before loading your bike and approach the bus from the sidewalk.
  3. Pull the handle to lower the rack and begin loading your bike.
  4. Load your bike on the available spot closest to the windshield.
  5. Pull the support arm up and over your front tire to secure your bike. You are now ready to board. Check for instructions on rear-door boarding.
  6. When the bus reaches your destination, let the bus operator know that you're removing your bike from the rack.

Bringing Your Bike Onto A Train

  1. At the station platform, locate and enter the train through the doors marked for bicycles. LA Metro Rail and commuter trains like Amtrak and Metrolink have designated areas onboard to house bikes and are often marked by a bike icon or decal.
  2. Locate the designated area for bikes and be sure that your bike isn't blocking any doors or aisles.
  3. Stand by your bike onboard the train and hold onto it at all times.
  4. It may be necessary to move to another train car or wait for another train if there is overcrowding or space is needed for a passenger with a disability.

Additional Rules and Guidance

  1. Face coverings are required to board UCLA's partnering transit agencies and most buses and trains. Please do your part to help keep everyone safe.
  2. Walk your bike through train stations and platforms.
  3. Folding bikes are allowed on buses or trains if properly folded and stored without blocking any aisles or doorways.
  4. Additional guidance will apply when taking your bike on Amtrak including the allowed sizes and fees.
  5. Metrolink trains have special train cars that are designed to hold 9 bikes on the lower level.

Catch cyclist and staff member Annelie in action for detailed instructions on taking your bike onboard.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons