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All aboard FlixBus, the greener, smarter long-distance travel provider

FlixBus Parked outside of a building

Buses are the most environmentally-friendly form of public transportation available, and mobility provider FlixBus puts sustainability into high gear, offering passengers an eco- and budget-friendly way to travel.

Launched in 2013 and currently the largest bus system in Europe, FlixBus arrived in America this year, and on the UCLA campus in June, with a pickup location on Strathmore Plaza and Gayley Avenue.

FlixBus aims to get travelers to leave their cars behind for long-haul drives and choose a more sustainable form of transportation.

The alternative they provide features a simple booking process through the FlixBus app, comfortable seats, free entertainment and Wi-Fi service, a restroom and the opportunity to “relax and fall asleep in L.A. and wake up in a new place.”

Intercity bus travel couldn’t get more affordable. Pricing starts at $2.99 and increases based on distance. For example, a trip to Anaheim for a day at Disneyland costs about $4.99, while a trip up to Sacramento starts at about $30.00. Fare rates vary by date, departure destination (there’s also a Downtown LA bus stop) and departure time.

With Winter Break coming soon, California-based Bruins can book FlixBus to travel home. The route includes 25 cities across the state, with destinations such as San Diego, Long Beach, Palm Springs, Riverside and San Francisco. There are also buses to Las Vegas and Phoenix, with plans to expand the service even further throughout the U.S.

Visit the Transportation Lobby on the first floor of the Strathmore Building for discount vouchers and start planning your trip today!