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7 Tips for Taking Public Transit

Man with headphones riding the bus

Taking public transportation is a great way to save money and alleviate the stress from sitting in traffic. Whether it’s a bus or train, you’ll find that riding public transit can be easy and convenient. Here are a few tips to help you plan your next commute:

  1. Routes and schedules

Be sure to check your route and schedule in advance. Today, many transit agencies offer free online apps with live tracking abilities for smartphones. Riders can now get status and location updates almost instantaneously.

  1. Comfy shoes

Depending on where you live or work, there’s a good chance you will be walking a few blocks to get to your destination. Always have a comfy pair of shoes to change into before heading out to catch your bus or train.

  1. Entertain yourself

Take advantage of today’s technology and keep yourself entertained while commuting. Don’t hesitate to play games, read or get caught up in your favorite show during your ride. Just remember to be considerate of others and wear headphones.

  1. Respect your elders

When a bus or train is full, be courteous of elderly and disabled riders. When possible, do not sit in designated disabled seating zones and offer to stand for those that need a seat when the bus is full.

  1. Be prepared

It never hurts to be prepared for whatever life may bring your way. Consider carrying the following items: Umbrella, hand sanitizer, tissue, medication, water, etc. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference!

  1. Frequent Riders

If you are frequently using public transit, you may want to consider purchasing a monthly pass. One of the advantages of having a monthly pass is that you save time and avoid holding up the line when boarding.

  1. Make Room

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”  Many buses and trains can get crowed during peak hours of the day. Be considerate and remove personal items from empty seats to make room for others.

Photo Credit: Getty Images