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5 Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Transportation

Janss Steps

Did you know that the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is transportation? Despite the increased adoption of green energy, over 90% of fuel used for transportation is still petroleum-based. When you choose to travel sustainably, here's the difference you'll be making for the environment and climate.

1. Less Pollution and Clearer Skies

Every vehicle on the road releases an average of one pound of CO2 per mile driven. Compared with driving alone, taking public transportation reduces CO2 emissions by 45%, decreasing pollutants in the atmosphere and improving air quality. It's estimated that public transportation in the U.S. saves 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, and even moderate increases in bicycle use each year could save an estimated 6 to 14 million tons .

2. Healthier Communities

Improved air quality in a community means greater health benefits for the people who live there. That can mean fewer cases of respiratory ailments such as asthma and even cancer. People are also more prone to get out and exercise when the air quality is better.

3. Harmful Chemicals Are Reduced

We usually think of gas as the only pollutant when it comes to cars, but they also use antifreeze and other fluids that are bad for the environment. Taking sustainable transportation instead of driving cuts down on all of them.

4. Fewer Cars Equal Fewer Roads 

More cars mean more roads need to be built, which causes water run-off that contributes to ground and water pollution. Fewer cars in favor of active transportation such as bikes mean more bike paths and lanes which are more sustainable.

5. Noise Is Also Pollution

We rarely think of noise pollution when it comes to cars, that is unless you live by a busy street. Less driving will make your neighborhood quieter to everyone's benefit. 

Every October we celebrate Sustainable Transportation Month by encouraging Bruins to take a greener way to go. Pledge below to take sustainable transportation and enter to win prizes such as a gift card from ASUCLA, Alfred Coffee, Bluestone Lane, Primo's Donuts, and other retailers!

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