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UCLA Transportation kept campus moving in 2020, and learned lessons along the way

Culver CityBus and a bike on Westwood Plaza

In a year that found the majority of the campus population working and learning remotely, UCLA Transportation’s annual State of the Commute report showed that changing commuting is one way to diminish the campus’s carbon footprint.

With approximately 70% of all UCLA employees working from home and nearly 77% of UCLA students learning remotely, daily trips to campus dropped from 67,000 daily commuters in 2019 to a little more than 19,000 people commuting to campus in 2020.

A hybrid schedule that trims commutes to two or three days per week, or a few departments with 100% of employees telecommuting, results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for each telecommuting employee of 1.73 metric tons each year, according to UCLA Transportation.

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