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Approved Electric Scooter and Electric Bike Vendors

UCLA has a contract with Bird to provide shared rental electric scooters and bikes to the campus community. Shared rental e-scooters and e-bikes from the approved vendor can ride through campus roads and park in appropriate areas. Unapproved vendors can ride through campus roads but will be impounded if parked on campus.

Please note that the approved vendor restriction only applies to shared rental e-scooters and e-bikes. Personally owned e-scooters and e-bikes are allowed on campus.

Bird logo


  • Bird is an electric scooter rental service.
  • Riders at UCLA can save 25 cents when they end the ride in a designated parking spot on campus.
  • To incentivize helmet usage, riders who take a selfie with a helmet at the end of their trip will receive an incentive such as a future ride credit.
  • Users can get unlimited rides with a monthly Bird rental for less than a $1 a day with the first month free. BirdAccess additionally provides discounts for people with low-income status. To apply, email with documentation of low-income status. Free helmets will also be distributed at campus events.