Pay-On-Exit Parking System at UCLA Medical Plaza and Stein Eye Institute

DSCThe Medical Plaza (MP) and Stein Institute parking facilities have been converted from the pay-on-entry system to a pay-on-exit system. "Pay-on-exit" means quicker entry. Patients and visitors will pull a ticket when entering either parking area, park, go to their appointment and pay-on-exit at one of the conveniently located pay stations. Vehicles remaining for multiple days are subject to the daily fee for each day parked.

In addition to the new pay-on-exit system in the Medical Plaza and Stein Institute parking areas, we also are able to offer departments the options of either providing complimentary or reduced rate parking for your patients and visitors.

To request “Chaser” validations please contact Customer Service Information.


Customer Service Information

Phone: (310) 206-7565

Parking Coordinators