UCLA Transportation is Hiring Students So Here’s Why You Should Apply

It’s time to get moving on applying for a job because the transportation team has multiple positions available for students – with some of the best pay rates.

Here for Bruins is a chance to grow professionally, make new friends, expand your network, get paid, and serve the university.

Student employment opportunities at the transportation department are varied and plentiful. They range from greeting visitors and performing valet duties to providing directional assistance at campus events, giving customer service support to commuters, and serving as van operators driving people around campus.

Being a student worker comes with benefits. As an on-campus employer, UCLA Transportation understands the demands of a college student and will work around your course load, making sure school remains the priority.

Transportation positions offer flexible hours to help suit students' daily schedules and routines. It's convenient to have a job where you're taking classes and engaging in other activities, too.

When you work in a large central services department, you also get to meet and engage with peers, other students, and staff and faculty from across the university.

Of course, the financial incentive is great, but a really rewarding part of taking on a student role with UCLA Transportation is the opportunity to serve the university and help the campus community get where they need to go: be it another student attending a lecture, the professor teaching the course, or a staff member going to the medical center to help patients. 

Ready to gain meaningful experience and earn extra income? Apply online to join the team!