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UCLA Provides Telecommuting Resources for Employees

UCLA employees on a Zoom call

For over a year, thousands of UCLA employees have been telecommuting due to the campus closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when campus operations fully resume, telecommuting will continue to be an option for many employees on either a full or part-time basis. 

According to Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Emily A. Carter, "The COVID-19 pandemic provided a telecommuting experiment en masse, as UCLA aimed to reduce density on campus to limit the spread of the virus. Managers reported positive results, and our institution’s support for telecommuting continues. It benefits both employees and the university substantially, as employees eliminate their commutes on days they work at home, resulting in less traffic on and around campus, and the campus is able to save on physical space demands and utility costs." 

To ensure that employees have the resources they need to work remotely, UCLA has developed an online telecommuting resource to provide information, tools, and support. The resources are intended to guide managers, supervisors, and employees on how to adopt telecommuting to benefit the University, each department, and employees themselves.

Resources in the guide include telecommuting guidelines and policies, employee and manager checklists, training resources, and technical tools. Testimonials are also included from Bruins who have experienced the many benefits of telecommuting such as a better work-life balance, reduced commuting time, and improved mental and physical health.

UCLA Transportation supports telecommuting as one of our sustainable transportation programs that are helping to meet University sustainability goals all while providing greater flexibility for employees.