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Keep Bruins Safe by Following the UCLA Scooter Policy

Scooter Safety

Keeping UCLA’s roadways and walkways safe for everyone is a top priority. Given the growing number of Bruins on campus, and with that, increased electric scooter use, we would like to remind Bruins to practice good scooter etiquette and reiterate UCLA’s scooter policy.  

Scooters should always be parked respectfully in designated locations that do not block doorways, staircases, or other pathways, including ADA-accessible ramps or doorways. Helmets are also strongly recommended to further protect riders from injury. 

It is critical for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and the e-scooter operator to ride where you are supposed to, follow all traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs and traffic signals, and park in appropriate locations.  

The California Vehicle Code defines e-scooters as motorized vehicles and mandates that all scooter riders have a valid driver’s license, ride on surface streets, and stay off pedestrian walkways and out of crosswalks and campus dismount zones.  

See UCLA's Electric Scooter Policy for more information.