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Get on Board with these New Year's Resolutions for a Better Commute in 2020

City Street with Number 2020

May all roads in 2020 be taken on a low-cost and environmentally-friendly ride. Ready to ride more and drive less in the new decade? These resolutions will not only seat you behind the wheel, or handlebars, of a better form of transportation, they’ll also help conquer the time-honored goals of saving money, reducing stress, helping the environment, exercising more and starting the year off on the right foot.

Get Moving

If there was ever a time to get active and try walking or bicycling to campus, the arrival of a new year is it. Beneficial for the mind and body, active commuting is also inexpensive.

Even if you have to take the bus or train part of the way, adding some steps or pedaling to your trip will lead to happier, healthier days ahead.

Make Friends & Influence People

Wave goodbye and put high car maintenance costs in the rearview mirror when you share the ride!

A carpool parking permit comes with a cost savings of close to $800 every year. Battling L.A. traffic is also less agonizing with a buddy by your side.

Vanpooling is a great way to bond with fellow Bruins. Have a seat next to a neighbor or colleague on one of the 140 different UCLA vanpools serving 80 Southern California communities.

Sit Back & Relax

Let a professional handle the driving and start using public transportation — statistically, you are safer riding transit than driving a car. Catching the bus or train checks off every resolution: UCLA's subsidized transit passes save money, traveling on transit is a stressbuster compared to driving alone, research shows taking transit can help you stay fit and air quality is better with fewer cars on the road. Not worrying about driving also frees up commute time for more productive activities (including catching up on your sleep).

Halfway There

Not ready to fully commit to leaving the car at home? With the online Bruin ePermit system, it's even easier to use an alternative form of transportation and purchase a daily parking permit for the occasions when you need to drive in. UCLA employees who don't have a parking permit and students who meet Bruin Commuter Club eligibility requirements qualify for a discount on the daily rate.

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