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Campus Traffic Evacuation

UCLA Transportation has developed a Campus Traffic Evacuation Plan to support the campus is case of an emergency. The purpose of the plan is to disperse traffic to minimize congestion while directing students, staff, faculty and visitors to the nearest campus exit.

You can do your part to help create a safe, calm environment by familiarizing yourself with the evacuation route appropriate to your assigned and/or usual parking area. In the event of an evacuation, UCLA Transportation will work closely with UCPD, Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) and other agencies to ensure public safety. Always follow directions provided by the traffic officers.

Note: The Emergency Management Team will only make Decisions regarding campus closure and evacuation. If you are instructed to evacuate campus:

  • Calmly return to your vehicle
  • Exit the parking area
  • Exit campus via the designated exit
  • Follow directions given by traffic officers
  • Obey traffic laws