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Registration for the Earn-A-Bike program is currently closed and is planned to reopen in Fall 2024.



The Earn-A-Bike program is designed to get eligible employees and graduate students to ride a bicycle to campus as a sustainable, economical, and healthy alternative to driving alone. By providing the option to swap a parking permit for a bike, the program will help support numerous UCLA initiatives and goals such as the Climate Action Plan, Sustainable Transportation Plan, and Healthy Campus Initiative’s goal to make UCLA the “healthiest campus in America."

Please Note: Participants of the program must complete a mandatory orientation online and cancel or forfeit the right to a parking permit for two years.

Earn-A-Bike provides qualified participants with the opportunity to trade in their parking permit for a free $900 bicycle package from Helen's Cycles in Santa Monica or The Bike Center

Participants will be given the option to choose between the following bikes:

helen's cycles in Santa Monica The Bike Center

Trek FX1 2023

Giant Escape 3 Disc

Trek Verve 1 2023

Giant Flourish 3 Disc

UCLA Employees:

  •  Must have a minimum appointment time of 43.75% or more
  •  Must have a minimum of two years remaining in their appointment time
       ◦  For assistant professors and other contract faculty, please email for questions about eligibility
  •  Must be a Single Occupancy Vehicle permit holder for the past four consecutive quarters prior to joining
       ◦  Night and Weekend permit holders are ineligible
       ◦  Daily parking permits do not qualify
  •  Previous participants may not reapply

UCLA Graduate Students:

  •  Incoming graduate students must be enrolled in a 2-year program or more and do not have to be a parking permit holder
  •  Current graduate students must have at least two years remaining in their academic program and must be a Single Occupancy Vehicle quarterly permit holder for the current quarter or Single Occupancy Vehicle monthly permit holder for the past three consecutive months
       ◦  Night and Weekend permit holders are ineligible
       ◦  Daily parking permits do not qualify
  •  Graduate students living in Weyburn Terrace and Hilgard Apartments are ineligible
​​​​​​​  •  Previous participants may not reapply

A registration link will be provided when the program reopens, currently planned for Fall 2024.

If program participants need to occasionally drive to campus, they are able to park and pay for parking through the Bruin ePermit Portal.